Single component

Solvent borne, clear, high-performance, moisture cured polyurethane.

MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR cures to yield a medium to high gloss finish in order to maximize stain resistance. The physical properties of cured

MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR are effective for extended periods of exterior exposure.


MULTI-GLAZE “MCU-100,” “MCU-250” and “MCU-400” CLEAR are single component, moisture cured, abrasion-resisting and stain-resisting polyurethane sealers for decorative concrete. They are based on an aliphatic (non-yellowing) isocyanate with a saturated polyester backbone. The MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” clear coating has a high gloss finish upon curing.


Basic Uses: MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR is designed to coat decorative concrete or concrete with decorative or natural aggregates. When applied at the proper thickness, these high solids and high performance sealers will minimize dirt and oil penetration and provide a medium gloss, bright appearance.


MULTI-GLAZE “MCU-” CLEAR is extremely wear resistant compared to conventional sealers and coatings. They are resistant to most commonly encountered dilute acids, alkalis, organic solvents and oils as well as many dry chemicals. MULTI-GLAZE “MCU-” CLEAR is used as a topcoat in the Tufflex International, Inc. (TUFFLEX INT’L) Decorative Aggregate Surfacing Systems. It will brighten an exposed aggregate, highlighting the color of the aggregate.


Limitations: Containers that have been opened must be used within two or three days, since the product is a moisture-reactive material that will gel or set up when exposed to air. Keep lid tightly sealed when material is not in use. Surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry, free of contaminants and free of dew or entrapped moisture. This material contains flammable and combustible solvents.


MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR cures faster when applied under warm temperature and high humidity conditions and slower when applied under cool temperature and low humidity conditions.


Availability: MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” is stocked in the 400 VOC and 100 VOC formulations and available via special order in the 250 VOC formulation.


Shelf life: Twelve (12) months after manufacture when continuously stored indoors in the original unopened metal containers at temperatures under 80°F.


Surface Preparation: All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of all contaminants. It is recommended that concrete be cleaned by sandblasting or mechanically grinding. Metal surfaces must have no oxidation present prior to coating. Ceramic tile should be degreased and stripped to remove any wax on the surface and mechanically abraded for proper penetration. Wood and aggregate should be cleaned with a detergent and rinsed with water under high pressure and allowed to dry. The appropriate primer or base coats should be used in all cases.


Caution: Cured MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR may be slippery and may require the use of skid-resisting or texturing aggregate.Moisture trapped under the cured MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR may create a fog or cloudy layer under the sealer.


Application: MULTI-GLAZE “MCU” CLEAR should be spray, roller, or brush applied in two (2) coats at a rate of 200 square feet per gallon per coat in order to yield an 8 mil dry film thickness. EPA approved, low VOC urethane grade solvents may be used to reduce the viscosity and increase penetration into concrete. Additional coats may be applied after an overnight cure, but no later than 18 hours after initial application. The completed coating application should not be subjected to any heavy pedestrian traffic until thoroughly cured. In certain applications, where a rapid cure may be desirable, TUFFLEX INT’L Accelerators may be added to dramatically reduce cure time. Do not proceed with application of materials when surface temperature of the substrate to be coated is less than 45°F.


Before using this product, read the container precaution label and MSDS sheets carefully. Exposure to urethanes or petroleum solvents may cause allergic skin or respiratory reactions. Do not get into eyes, onto skin or clothing. If contact occurs, flush affected areas with soap and water. Wash clothing before reuse. Use only with adequate ventilation. Seek medical help for all over exposures. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.


Tufflex International, Inc. (TUFFLEX INT’L) warrants this product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials only at the time of shipment from our factory. If any TUFFLEX INT’L materials prove to contain manufacturing defects that substantially affect their performance, TUFFLEX INT’L will, at its option, replace the materials or refund its purchase price.


This limited warranty is the only warranty extended by TUFFLEX INT’L with respect to its materials. There are no other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. TUFFLEX INT’L specifically disclaims liability for any incidental, consequential, or other damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or damages to a structure or its contents, arising under any theory of law whatsoever.


The dollar value of TUFFLEX INT’L’s liability and buyer’s remedy under this limited warranty shall not exceed the purchase price of the TUFFLEX INT’L material in question.


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