TUFFLEX #950 Cure Accelerator & Thickener

Generates a faster cure time

Creates a Thixotropic Compound

Saves in Labor Cost—Apply Two Coats in One Day


TUFFLEX 950 is a liquid cure accelerator and thickener for use with moisture-cured polyurethane base membranes manufactured by Tufflex International, Inc. (TUFFLEX INT’L). This material, when added to TUFFLEX INT’L moisture-cured urethanes, offers several benefits: (1) Will accelerate the moisture curing rate which causes the liquid coating to become high-build or thicker (2) In addition, TUFFLEX 950 promotes uniform and rapid cures at lower temperatures and (3) TUFFLEX 950 prevents excessive out gassing and surface bubbling in uneven surfaces with thicker coating applications at normal temperatures. The use of TUFFLEX 950 provides the applicator with a method to generate a high-build coating and overcome cure irregularities in a multitude of application conditions.


Typical Uses:


  • Sloping or Vertical Surfaces
  • When Quick Access is Necessary
  • Creates a Crack or Seam Filler for Non-moving Plywood Joints and Shrinkage, and Cracks in Concrete


Color: Amber


1 quart (0.95 liter) can

1 gallon (3.78 liter) can


  1. Promotes the cure of below grade membranes at low temperatures to yield only a moderate increase in typical cure times.
  2. Allows light traffic on decks coated with UREA-TUFF (Base Membrane Coating) and UREA-TUFF 6000-AR (Intermediate Membrane Coatings) within a matter of hours at standard temperature and humidity.
  3. Allows single coat applications of UREA-TUFF 5000 base coat up to 60 wet mils.
  4. Slight increase in tensile strength of UREA-TUFF Base Membranes with no discernible decrease in elongation.


TUFFLEX 950 Liquid Thickener is added to the moisture-cured urethanes at the job site. Use mechanical agitation for 2 to 3 minutes and until a uniform blend is attained. Take care not to entrap air during mixing. The careful addition of TUFFLEX 950 Thickener to the TUFFLEX INT’L single component moisture-cure urethane products will reduce the pot-life or application life to approximately ½ to one hour.


CAUTION: Use at the addition rate of one pint to one quart per pail of base coat. Excessive addition of TUFFLEX 950 Cure Accelerator will result in a reduction of physical properties of the cured membrane. This could lead to stickiness, cracking and general premature degradation of the membrane.


TUFFLEX 950 Cure Accelerator should not be diluted under any circumstances. Containers should be kept tightly sealed when not in use. The use of TUFFLEX 950 Cure Accelerator in moisture cured urethanes leads to the darkening of base coats.


Before using this product, read the container precaution label and MSDS sheets carefully. Personnel should wear protective clothing and gloves, avoid contact of material with skin or eyes and avoid breathing vapors. Mix and apply in well ventilated areas and observe normal safety precautions. TUFFLEX 950 Cure Accelerator is classified as a corrosive material and can cause irritation in prolonged exposure. Wash thoroughly if product contacts skin. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.


Tufflex International, Inc. (TUFFLEX INT’L) warrants this product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials only at the time of shipment from our factory. If any TUFFLEX INT’L materials prove to contain manufacturing defects that substantially affect their performance, TUFFLEX INT’L will, at its option, replace the materials or refund its purchase price.


This limited warranty is the only warranty extended by TUFFLEX INT’L with respect to its materials. There are no other warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. TUFFLEX INT’L specifically disclaims liability for any incidental, consequential, or other damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or damages to a structure or its contents, arising under any theory of law whatsoever.


The dollar value of TUFFLEX INT’L’s liability and buyer’s remedy under this limited warranty shall not exceed the purchase price of the TUFFLEX INT’L material in question.


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